A Privilege, Not a Right

The Tweet

     The timing was impeccable.  Just as the US rolled out its controversial ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries in early 2017, so did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau roll out a tweet that set in motion a series of unfortunate events.  So what did Trudeau say exactly?  I believe “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians welcome you, regardless of your faith.  Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada” were his exact words.  This came from the same Prime Minister that spent $678 million dollars (CAD) in November 2015, right after he was elected, to fund the ‘refugee resettlement program’.  Under this program, the end game was to bring in 25,000 refugees from war-torn areas in the Middle East, mainly Syria, by the end of 2015.  Let me get my calculator here…plus one, minus the fraction, carry the 3…ok so he wanted to get this accomplished in 60 days. Trudeau was so self-righteous he ignored the fact that any foreign national entering Canada, especially those with intent to live here permanently, must be vetted criminally and medically at the very least.  Foreign record-keeping from war-torn countries is less than impeccable so weeding out the criminals and knowing exactly how medically ill someone is would be difficult and time consuming to say the least. In the end, Trudeau finished the job after pushing back the date by two months and the far-left patted him on the back.  The rest of us wondered what was coming next.

The Aftermath

     Following the tweet and to this day, refugee claims in Canada have grown exponentially.  The only problem with it is the manner in which some of these claims are made and how the Canadian government is responding to them.  If you live in Europe, Asia or Africa and wish to migrate to Canada, it isn’t always as easy as hopping on a plane and saying “here I am!”  Had you submitted an application with Immigration and Citizenship Canada and were not issued a Visa (if required); the airlines will not let you on the plane.  They do not want to face the monetary penalties imposed for transporting an ill-documented traveler into Canada.  So how do people get around this?  They lie on their Visa application.  Or they claim to be travelling as a visitor and the moment they step off the plane claim refugee status.  One example of Canada facilitating this particular method is when the Trudeau government lifted a restriction on Romanian travelers requiring a visa to enter Canada.  The visa requirement had been implemented by the previous conservative government to curb the asylum claims and non-bona-fide travel from that country.  Since that restriction was removed, guess what substantially increased?  The Trudeau Government did the same for Mexican nationals and asylum claims spiked 1,400% between 2016 and 2019 for that group.

Laws, Schmaws

     The most insidious way people get into Canada and make refugee claims and/or live illegally is by crossing the over 5,500 mile long, mostly unprotected border between Canada and the United States.  By crossing over, I mean it in its simplest form: walking.  The enormous stretches of land in between ports of entry are vast and incredibly porous.  The most notable aspect of it is that the people crossing are doing so from the United States of America.  The USA is arguably the most industrialized country in the world and is certainly considered a “first world” country.  The Canadian government has recognized that by signing the Safe Third Country Agreement with the USA in 2002.  Under this agreement, individuals must make their refugee claim in the first country they arrive in, be it Canada or the USA.  If a refugee claimant in the US presented themselves at a designated port of entry at the Canadian border and tried to claim this status in Canada, they would be sent back to the USA.  If this same scenario occurred in between a port of entry, the individual has the welcome mat rolled out for them.  This even applies to foreign nationals crossing illegally into Canada from the USA with absolutely no status in the USA.  By the way, it is an offense under the Customs Act to enter Canada outside of a designated port of entry.  So to be clear, you are in country A illegally then you decide to enter country B illegally and country B says “hey, no problem!” instead of sending you back to country A. This not only contradicts the Safe Third Country Agreement, it undermines Federal Law Enforcement and worse of all, the Canadian taxpayer.  Why have laws if you will refuse to enforce them in the end? 

Do It The Right Way

     The statement “Diversity is our strength” is common and for the most part, is true.  There is nothing wrong with immigration, but only when the rules and laws are followed and enforced.  If you have chosen a new country to start a life for you and your family, why begin that journey by disrespecting the laws they have established?  Why be blatant about it and bring an implied sense of entitlement when you arrive here by nefarious means?  It may take longer and cost more money, but if you truly want to be part of the fabric of Canada then do it like almost everyone else.  Follow the rules: fill out the paperwork, pay your money and wait. 

Show Your Best Self

People are people and when they see a loophole (even if illegal) they may consider going that route.  When they see that a government is aware of the loophole and doing nothing to stop it or they can commit the act without reprisal that seals the deal.  The Trudeau Government has done nothing to stop the flow of people migrating to Canada illegally and continues to waste our law enforcement resources by placing them in migrant hotspots (Lacolle, Quebec, for example) to act as phony bellhops, helping those committing a crime continue to do so.  Once the people, fleeing persecution from the United States of America arrive here, they are given a warm bed, medical care, food and a date to have a hearing about their refugee claim.  Until that date, how many have disappeared into their own communities in large cities?  We don’t know.  Why are they not being sent back to the United States?  We don’t know.  Why is the Canadian Government spending taxpayer dollars on such insanity?  Because Justin Trudeau is at the helm and his only solution to political problems is to throw money at it.  Much the same way he was disciplined as a child.

Immigrating to Canada (or the USA for that matter) is a privilege, not a right.  These countries do not owe you a better life and if you are lucky enough to live here then just follow the rules.  Show your best self. Obey the law.  You can start doing that by entering the country legally.

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