Conversion Therapy Dilemma

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     It amazes me how seemingly far overboard today’s modern/millennial thinking is.  For those of us not even forty yet, you would think some could have a better understanding of how society is trying to progress.  I suppose to a degree, I am not one of those people.  In this instance, I think regression may be a better word to describe what I will be talking about rather than progression.  Some US states have already accomplished it – California, New York, Washington and Colorado – the banning of conversion therapy.  The country of Canada wants to take it a step further and federally criminalize it.  The lawmakers do point out that the criminal aspect of it would not apply to personal views discussed in a private conversation.  But don’t worry, eventually that will come too.

Go With a Professional

     Let me first start out by saying that I am a heterosexual.  I am also one who disagrees with conversion therapy as a means to change someone else’s sexual orientation or gender.  I have never tried it myself, but with my years of worldly experience I can give an educated guess and say that it does not work. I would highly recommend the services of an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist (whichever applies) instead.  At least you will have a better chance at understanding yourself. 

Regulation is Key

     It isn’t surprising that a lot of conversion therapy patients are either minors sent by their parents or people who are there against their will (or both).  That is wrong and laws surrounding it should be strictly enforced.  Furthermore, some conversion therapies programs did use and may even continue to use medication such as estrogen or electro-shock therapy in their practice.  From what I have read it is less common, but may still exist.  These types of practices should be banned (if not already) and laws surrounding it strictly enforced as well.  However in a properly regulated environment, one that allows only consenting adults who volunteer for the therapy, without any physically harmful means used, the rights afforded by Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms apply in this instance.  If the conversion therapy business adhered to the above rules, they are protected by the same rights and freedoms.

Pandering For Voters

     Simply criminalizing a type of business because it appears to be “anti-gay” is really what the Liberal Government of Canada is doing.  The LGTBQ community had lobbied for this and Prime Minister Trudeau really needed their votes in the 2019 election as he had lost so many in his first 4 years.  This was one of his campaign promises.  Just because the type of therapy used is not based on science or fact, which is one of the reasons cited for criminalizing it, does not mean the business owners do not have a right to use it.  There are no religions that exist in the free world that are based on science or fact yet they are allowed to exist, turn a profit and not pay taxes.  In fact, many thrive and teach their congregation (including minors) that homosexuality is wrong.  Another reason cited for criminalizing conversion therapy is that health associations do not condone it.  Several times in my life I have purchased an over-the-counter homeopathic medication for one reason or another.  On the packaging label, it is made very clear that the FDA has not evaluated the product nor does it endorse it.  I tried the products and sure enough, they didn’t work.  I also never bought them again.  Does this mean we should criminalize the manufacturers?  Does that make any sense to you as an intelligent person?

Acceptance of All

     It is time for modern, millennial, liberal thinking to step back and take a breath.   Remove your tunnel vision on the “I have the right to be offended” train.  Relax, and understand that just as you want every special interest group to be accommodated, there are equal and opposite groups that have the right to the same accommodation.  The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to all.  Further regulating the conversion therapy industry is a far better solution than sending people to prison for it.  Think of it this way:  Being born with a penis or a vagina is not a choice, but you can choose to live like a man or a woman if you want and there are many resources available to help you.  Being born gay is also not a choice, but if you choose to live as a heterosexual, there should be resources available to you as well. 

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