Terrorism Pays

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Imagine yourself as someone completely different from societal norms.  Someone filled with a hate that compels you to murder.  Imagine taking another person’s life because they do not believe what you believe or if you had a difference of opinion on a certain subject.  Imagine feeling good about yourself for perpetuating a culture of fear, contempt and utter disregard for human life.  Now imagine after carrying out heinous violent crimes that you get caught, dead to rights with insurmountable evidence of your guilt.  You know you will be facing a heavy sentence that includes lengthy prison time at the very least.  Your life is essentially over and you will have endless days to reminisce what could have been had you made better choices.  It is the end.  Or is it?

Imagine now that your appeal will be heard in court.  There seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  You can’t get your hopes up as most appeals are heard the first time the time around.  It’s all part of the process.  You get so desperate that you file a human rights lawsuit, demanding millions of dollars from the very Government you betrayed and despise.  You know you are filing it out of spite and assume you have a snowballs chance in hell at winning.  But why not try?  You have nothing but time to kill.  As that time ticks by though, you realize the frightening truth – you will ultimately have to pay the price for your crimes.  You will never gain financially from them, which is no surprise to you.

Help From Above

     Just when it seems all hope is gone, your lawyer tells you something that astounds you.  He tells you about a new Liberal Government that has been elected and they may be sympathetic to your cause.  The tides have changed.  He explains that the crime of murder of which you are accused, could be over-looked in favor of appearing politically correct.  The new Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau wants Canada to appear sensitive and compassionate towards criminals, even terrorists and murderers just like you.  Your lawyer goes on to say that Trudeau was elected by many voters who share the same faith as you as well as harbor the same feelings of indignation and malice towards North American culture that you do, all the while enjoying the freedoms and conveniences they cannot ever imagine in other parts of the world.  You may get a chance to partake in those freedoms and conveniences once again.  Your heart skips a beat with excitement. 


     Imagine now that against all odds, against the will of the constituency and public outrage, you win your case.  The Liberal Government of Canada agrees to pay you $10,500,000.00 to settle your human rights complaint.  Shortly before that, you had been released from prison after serving a mere 13 years for premeditated murder through an act of terrorism as well as other war crimes.  Now you can live a life of luxury, a life ordinary hard working citizens of Canada cannot and will never be able to afford.  You have won the lottery twice.  But there are always downsides.  The victims’ family has successfully sued you in absenteeism however they live in a different country.  They’ll never be able to enforce the astronomical judgment against you.  Surely the Canadian Government wouldn’t allow it.

Fact, Not Fiction

Now instead of imagining, I want you to realize.  Realize that the above story is true and it happened in the recent past.  It is a sad pathetic display of warped altruism and a very dark shadow that hangs over the Canadian legal system and taxpayers alike.  It happened to a man named Omar Khadr.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

     Some would argue that Khadr never really had a chance.  I would argue that many people are born into unfortunate circumstances yet manage to avoid committing murder and other terrorist related crimes.  To blame his upbringing removes all accountability.  Then again, so does paying him an obscene amount of money for being a criminal.  His father Ahmed Khadr, a simple-minded degenerate from Egypt, immigrated to Canada in 1975 and by 1982 had accepted a job on the other side of the globe in Bahrain.  According to a 2008 Al-Qaeda published biography of Ahmed, he claimed he did not like living in Canada which prompted him to take up employment abroad.  Regardless of what he said, he continued to reproduce in Canada and Omar was born in 1986.  Ahmed passed his time between Pakistan and Afghanistan only to return to Canada for medical treatment if required.  It’s pathetic how disingenuous migrants abuse what Canada has to offer without ever contributing back all the while participating in terroristic activities against the very nation that should never have accepted them.  In the end, Ahmed had ties to a number of militant Mujahideen leaders in Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden, and was accused by both Canada and the United States of being a senior associate and financier of Al-Qaeda.  Fortunately, he died in 2003 in a shootout with Pakistani security forces.  To no surprise, his family quickly moved back to Canada after that to enjoy the freedom they did not deserve.  Ahmed took Omar with him to the Middle East numerous times and helped shape the mind of a young murderer.

Proud of His Crime

Omar seemingly had no interest in life in Canada.  He followed in his father’s footsteps with his life culminating at the young age of 15 when he murdered US Army Sergeant 1st Class Christopher Speer by detonating an explosive.  He also injured Col. Morris Davis who ended up losing his right eye.  Omar admitted after his July 2002 capture that he “wanted to kill a lot of Americans…to get lots of money”.  He was given medical attention when first apprehended due to being shot and ironically it was American medics that saved his life.  While initially held in Bagram, Afghanistan, Omar was transferred to Guantanamo Bay in October 2002 and held there for 8 years.  In the end he pled guilty for the murder of Speers.  He was allowed to return to Canada to finish the rest of his sentence and in 2013, while in prison, filed a lawsuit against the Government of Canada stating he was abused and mistreated while incarcerated at Guantanamo and it violated his human rights.  The widow of Sergeant Speer could argue the same for herself, her husband and thier children.

Liberal Disgrace

It is a sad, shameful time to be Canadian.  The Canadian courts entertained the frivolous lawsuit, one that was filed only for monetary gain, while the then Conservative Government fought to have it dismissed.  Four years went by until 2017 – with a new Liberal Government in power – that it was settled.  The Liberal Government agreed to pay him $10.5 million and on top of it, issue a public apology.  The Trudeau Government paid a convicted murderer the sum of a sweepstakes prize, kissed his ass in public and worst of all, set a disturbing and frightening legal precedence into Canadian history.  It was a disgusting, embarrassing and utterly disgraceful situation to watch.  There was significant public backlash to the payout – the Trudeau Government responded by saying that it would cost more to continue to fight it in court than to pay the settlement now.  This writer believes it would have been worth hundreds of millions not to pay the terrorist anything at all.  Now Omar Khadr is rich, free and has done less than nothing to earn it, albeit shed a few crocodile tears.  He is better off financially than Canadians (struggling or not) who have actually contributed to the betterment of their country their entire lives.

Sense in Nonsense

     There is one small consolation and perhaps a saving grace in all of this.  In 2014, the family of murdered Sergeant Speer and the family of injured Col. Morris Davis were awarded a judgment against Omar Khadr in a Utah court for the amount of $134 million (USD).  They continue to fight to make the judgment enforceable in Canada.  At least the American justice system still has some common sense in it.  We can only hope Khadr is left penniless and begging on the street.  Then again, even that is too good for him.

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