Conversion Therapy Dilemma

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     It amazes me how seemingly far overboard today’s modern/millennial thinking is.  For those of us not even forty yet, you would think some could have a better understanding of how society is trying to progress.  I suppose to a degree, I am not one of those people.  In this instance, I think regression may be a better word to describe what I will be talking about rather than progression.  Some US states have already accomplished it – California, New York, Washington and Colorado – the banning of conversion therapy.  The country of Canada wants to take it a step further and federally criminalize it.  The lawmakers do point out that the criminal aspect of it would not apply to personal views discussed in a private conversation.  But don’t worry, eventually that will come too.

Go With a Professional

     Let me first start out by saying that I am a heterosexual.  I am also one who disagrees with conversion therapy as a means to change someone else’s sexual orientation or gender.  I have never tried it myself, but with my years of worldly experience I can give an educated guess and say that it does not work. I would highly recommend the services of an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist (whichever applies) instead.  At least you will have a better chance at understanding yourself. 

Regulation is Key

     It isn’t surprising that a lot of conversion therapy patients are either minors sent by their parents or people who are there against their will (or both).  That is wrong and laws surrounding it should be strictly enforced.  Furthermore, some conversion therapies programs did use and may even continue to use medication such as estrogen or electro-shock therapy in their practice.  From what I have read it is less common, but may still exist.  These types of practices should be banned (if not already) and laws surrounding it strictly enforced as well.  However in a properly regulated environment, one that allows only consenting adults who volunteer for the therapy, without any physically harmful means used, the rights afforded by Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms apply in this instance.  If the conversion therapy business adhered to the above rules, they are protected by the same rights and freedoms.

Pandering For Voters

     Simply criminalizing a type of business because it appears to be “anti-gay” is really what the Liberal Government of Canada is doing.  The LGTBQ community had lobbied for this and Prime Minister Trudeau really needed their votes in the 2019 election as he had lost so many in his first 4 years.  This was one of his campaign promises.  Just because the type of therapy used is not based on science or fact, which is one of the reasons cited for criminalizing it, does not mean the business owners do not have a right to use it.  There are no religions that exist in the free world that are based on science or fact yet they are allowed to exist, turn a profit and not pay taxes.  In fact, many thrive and teach their congregation (including minors) that homosexuality is wrong.  Another reason cited for criminalizing conversion therapy is that health associations do not condone it.  Several times in my life I have purchased an over-the-counter homeopathic medication for one reason or another.  On the packaging label, it is made very clear that the FDA has not evaluated the product nor does it endorse it.  I tried the products and sure enough, they didn’t work.  I also never bought them again.  Does this mean we should criminalize the manufacturers?  Does that make any sense to you as an intelligent person?

Acceptance of All

     It is time for modern, millennial, liberal thinking to step back and take a breath.   Remove your tunnel vision on the “I have the right to be offended” train.  Relax, and understand that just as you want every special interest group to be accommodated, there are equal and opposite groups that have the right to the same accommodation.  The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to all.  Further regulating the conversion therapy industry is a far better solution than sending people to prison for it.  Think of it this way:  Being born with a penis or a vagina is not a choice, but you can choose to live like a man or a woman if you want and there are many resources available to help you.  Being born gay is also not a choice, but if you choose to live as a heterosexual, there should be resources available to you as well. 

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Terrorism Pays

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Imagine yourself as someone completely different from societal norms.  Someone filled with a hate that compels you to murder.  Imagine taking another person’s life because they do not believe what you believe or if you had a difference of opinion on a certain subject.  Imagine feeling good about yourself for perpetuating a culture of fear, contempt and utter disregard for human life.  Now imagine after carrying out heinous violent crimes that you get caught, dead to rights with insurmountable evidence of your guilt.  You know you will be facing a heavy sentence that includes lengthy prison time at the very least.  Your life is essentially over and you will have endless days to reminisce what could have been had you made better choices.  It is the end.  Or is it?

Imagine now that your appeal will be heard in court.  There seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  You can’t get your hopes up as most appeals are heard the first time the time around.  It’s all part of the process.  You get so desperate that you file a human rights lawsuit, demanding millions of dollars from the very Government you betrayed and despise.  You know you are filing it out of spite and assume you have a snowballs chance in hell at winning.  But why not try?  You have nothing but time to kill.  As that time ticks by though, you realize the frightening truth – you will ultimately have to pay the price for your crimes.  You will never gain financially from them, which is no surprise to you.

Help From Above

     Just when it seems all hope is gone, your lawyer tells you something that astounds you.  He tells you about a new Liberal Government that has been elected and they may be sympathetic to your cause.  The tides have changed.  He explains that the crime of murder of which you are accused, could be over-looked in favor of appearing politically correct.  The new Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau wants Canada to appear sensitive and compassionate towards criminals, even terrorists and murderers just like you.  Your lawyer goes on to say that Trudeau was elected by many voters who share the same faith as you as well as harbor the same feelings of indignation and malice towards North American culture that you do, all the while enjoying the freedoms and conveniences they cannot ever imagine in other parts of the world.  You may get a chance to partake in those freedoms and conveniences once again.  Your heart skips a beat with excitement. 


     Imagine now that against all odds, against the will of the constituency and public outrage, you win your case.  The Liberal Government of Canada agrees to pay you $10,500,000.00 to settle your human rights complaint.  Shortly before that, you had been released from prison after serving a mere 13 years for premeditated murder through an act of terrorism as well as other war crimes.  Now you can live a life of luxury, a life ordinary hard working citizens of Canada cannot and will never be able to afford.  You have won the lottery twice.  But there are always downsides.  The victims’ family has successfully sued you in absenteeism however they live in a different country.  They’ll never be able to enforce the astronomical judgment against you.  Surely the Canadian Government wouldn’t allow it.

Fact, Not Fiction

Now instead of imagining, I want you to realize.  Realize that the above story is true and it happened in the recent past.  It is a sad pathetic display of warped altruism and a very dark shadow that hangs over the Canadian legal system and taxpayers alike.  It happened to a man named Omar Khadr.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

     Some would argue that Khadr never really had a chance.  I would argue that many people are born into unfortunate circumstances yet manage to avoid committing murder and other terrorist related crimes.  To blame his upbringing removes all accountability.  Then again, so does paying him an obscene amount of money for being a criminal.  His father Ahmed Khadr, a simple-minded degenerate from Egypt, immigrated to Canada in 1975 and by 1982 had accepted a job on the other side of the globe in Bahrain.  According to a 2008 Al-Qaeda published biography of Ahmed, he claimed he did not like living in Canada which prompted him to take up employment abroad.  Regardless of what he said, he continued to reproduce in Canada and Omar was born in 1986.  Ahmed passed his time between Pakistan and Afghanistan only to return to Canada for medical treatment if required.  It’s pathetic how disingenuous migrants abuse what Canada has to offer without ever contributing back all the while participating in terroristic activities against the very nation that should never have accepted them.  In the end, Ahmed had ties to a number of militant Mujahideen leaders in Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden, and was accused by both Canada and the United States of being a senior associate and financier of Al-Qaeda.  Fortunately, he died in 2003 in a shootout with Pakistani security forces.  To no surprise, his family quickly moved back to Canada after that to enjoy the freedom they did not deserve.  Ahmed took Omar with him to the Middle East numerous times and helped shape the mind of a young murderer.

Proud of His Crime

Omar seemingly had no interest in life in Canada.  He followed in his father’s footsteps with his life culminating at the young age of 15 when he murdered US Army Sergeant 1st Class Christopher Speer by detonating an explosive.  He also injured Col. Morris Davis who ended up losing his right eye.  Omar admitted after his July 2002 capture that he “wanted to kill a lot of Americans…to get lots of money”.  He was given medical attention when first apprehended due to being shot and ironically it was American medics that saved his life.  While initially held in Bagram, Afghanistan, Omar was transferred to Guantanamo Bay in October 2002 and held there for 8 years.  In the end he pled guilty for the murder of Speers.  He was allowed to return to Canada to finish the rest of his sentence and in 2013, while in prison, filed a lawsuit against the Government of Canada stating he was abused and mistreated while incarcerated at Guantanamo and it violated his human rights.  The widow of Sergeant Speer could argue the same for herself, her husband and thier children.

Liberal Disgrace

It is a sad, shameful time to be Canadian.  The Canadian courts entertained the frivolous lawsuit, one that was filed only for monetary gain, while the then Conservative Government fought to have it dismissed.  Four years went by until 2017 – with a new Liberal Government in power – that it was settled.  The Liberal Government agreed to pay him $10.5 million and on top of it, issue a public apology.  The Trudeau Government paid a convicted murderer the sum of a sweepstakes prize, kissed his ass in public and worst of all, set a disturbing and frightening legal precedence into Canadian history.  It was a disgusting, embarrassing and utterly disgraceful situation to watch.  There was significant public backlash to the payout – the Trudeau Government responded by saying that it would cost more to continue to fight it in court than to pay the settlement now.  This writer believes it would have been worth hundreds of millions not to pay the terrorist anything at all.  Now Omar Khadr is rich, free and has done less than nothing to earn it, albeit shed a few crocodile tears.  He is better off financially than Canadians (struggling or not) who have actually contributed to the betterment of their country their entire lives.

Sense in Nonsense

     There is one small consolation and perhaps a saving grace in all of this.  In 2014, the family of murdered Sergeant Speer and the family of injured Col. Morris Davis were awarded a judgment against Omar Khadr in a Utah court for the amount of $134 million (USD).  They continue to fight to make the judgment enforceable in Canada.  At least the American justice system still has some common sense in it.  We can only hope Khadr is left penniless and begging on the street.  Then again, even that is too good for him.

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People in the Workforce: The KIA

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For those of us in the workforce, we can certainly all agree that we have worked with some real ‘pieces of work’.  Other words that come to mind are assholes, know-it-alls, blabbermouths, drama queens (or kings), liars, phonies, awkward, smelly….well you get the picture.  If you work in a small office and the flow of work is not always like the Grand Rapids you may find yourself with hours upon hours of time to decide what it is in particular you dislike about your coworker.

Such was the case for Jeremy.  He was in the same situation as described with many colleagues sharing the traits listed above.  I asked him how he has been able to deal with it without losing his mind as he still maintains the same employment.  His response was surprising to say the least.  He told me had analyzed each individual and learned how to cope with their characteristics on a case by case basis.  He had tried to ignore that which annoyed the hell out of him but confided that method only works for so long.  He needed some mechanism that will stand the test of time.  I talked him through his analysis and he gave me permission to post about it on my blog.

The Know-It-All

The Know-It-All, henceforth referred to as the KIA, is self-explanatory but with an ironic twist.  In Jeremy’s case, the KIA was male so think of the name Little John from the Robin Hood stories.  Little John was in fact a very large man just as the KIA really doesn’t actually know a whole lot.  A KIA has very good memorization skills and may be able to do things like recite the alphabet backwards or tell you if it is a leap year or not without looking at the calendar.  Most of the time what they do is repeat something they heard from a knowledgeable person such as a journalist or other professional in their field.  You may be thinking ‘well, yea don’t we all do that?’ The answer is yes but to a degree.  The KIA has a grandiose sense of self which is most likely borne of low self-esteem and they have an unquenchable thirst for “being the one who knows”.  They will spend hours reading mundane, even obscure things so that it can be shimmied into regular conversation.  To the untrained ear, it sounds as if they are intelligent. They speak very matter-of-factly as if every word from their mouth is true.  But a few simple open-ended questions will reveal that the KIA did more memorizing than learning. 

The KIA will not be able to articulate the context of what he has read and if he attempts to, it will be incorrect.   The KIA will also be unable to discuss the subject any further than what has been memorized which thoroughly illuminates their actual brain power.  Another trait of a KIA is one who will tell a story and inject themselves into it as if they were involved somehow.  Again, simple, open-ended questions always reveal the truth.  They may not admit the truth but if you are trained to hear when a KIA is talking, you will know when they are lying.  A KIA thrives on attention and the more captivated their audience, the more powerful they feel.  Always take what a KIA says with a grain of salt.  More often than not, they are stating their opinion as fact.  A KIA is somewhat harmless although extremely annoying.  They are thoroughly disliked by almost all and if you work with one, the best advice is to not engage.  Keep conversations and answers as short as possible – or non-existent if you can. 

Blind To Reality

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A Deep Conversation

I was chatting with a friend of mine who is religious.  Not religious in the orthodox, hard-line type of way but believed there is a God that created the world, praying to God to achieve a specific outcome actually works and that there is a heaven and hell in the afterlife.  She believes these things with absolute certainty and refused to even admit that there is a possibility that none of it was true.  What she told me her denomination was is irrelevant – the criteria I listed above apply to just about every religion out there.

I am agnostic.  I am proud to admit that I do not know or have the answers to the big questions surrounding humanity and our beginning.  Part of being human is the unknown however the critical need for us to have the answers is completely understandable.  There are many historical artifacts and writings (the Bible or Quran for example) that many believe are writings from a God or by men filled with the ‘power of God’ or both.  These same believers often pick and choose what is considered relevant or applicable in modern day life.  This is mainly because these writings were in fact written by humans, for humans.  They are riddled with hypocrisy, contradiction and in many instances, absolute nonsensical instruction. 

The Chicken, Or The Egg?

To say that a God created us poses the question:  how did God get there? or who created god?  Well, according to my friend, God just ‘always was’.  I’m sorry, what?  God was just always there?  What an insightful explanation.  Many other believers in God will tell you that God has a plan for everyone’s life.  Ok, let’s say that is true and I got angry one day and murdered my neighbor in cold blood.  Was that God’s plan?  No – the explanation from believers is that God gave us all free will.  So, if I understand this correctly, God is controlling the outcome but so do we.  Sounds like a contradiction as that same God is touted as all-knowing, omnipotent and the one who is, well, running shit. 

There are a lot of preventable and unnecessary things that happen on planet Earth.  Abuse, theft, cheating, torture, starvation, mutilation, bombings, war, murder etc. – well you get the picture.  Would an all-loving creator of something as magnificent as our planet and human life allow such things to occur?  Certainly not if you are a believer.  It is humans at fault.  Free will, remember? Ironically, when something good happens, a lot of people thank God first. Or if a coincidence that prevents a death or has a good outcome, it’s a miracle from God.

I Pray For $1,000,000,000

Another interesting part of our conversation revolved around prayer.  She claimed that she prayed for someone’s safety while they were driving in a storm.  That person made it home safe and sound and my friend gave all the credit to the prayer she made to God.  She refused to admit that it could have possibly been a coincidence and that even if she didn’t pray, her friend would have arrived home in one piece anyways.  I asked her about prayers that do not get answered the way she would have wanted.  The answer I received was that “it’s God’s plan not to answer my prayer”.  Interesting.  I thought to myself that if she prayed for an end to world hunger tomorrow and it didn’t happen, would that excuse hold any weight?  God would then be allowing the tremendous and vile suffering of millions of men, women and children, all for some plan that no one knows about.

There wasn’t much to talk about when it came to heaven or hell.  Apparently God will judge us when we die and decide where we go.  I asked why, if God is the creator and most powerful, did he not just eliminate hell altogether.  Why punish the evil in the afterlife when he has the power to do so in real life?  And just where exactly is heaven and hell?  These were questions she admitted she could not answer and while I admired her honesty on that, I looked at her with incredulity that she just blindly believes it.

The Santa “Clause”

Santa Claus is not real just because I say he is.  He is not any more alive just because I have faith that he brings children gifts every 25th of December.  Many historical writings talk of him and I do not read and hold them to be completely true and accurate.  It is difficult to understand why an intelligent person, such as my friend, would choose to entertain this same way of thinking when it comes to something as significant and far-reaching as God, Prayer and heaven and hell. Like I said before, I am Agnostic.  I am humble enough to admit that I do not know the answers and inquisitive enough to try and find them.  As it stands, all of this rests on the balance of probabilities.  The question of whether there is a God ranks very low on that probability list.  As much so as the Big Bang Theory.  I genuinely feel sorry for people who are too arrogant to admit that their belief in an invisible being that allows so much death and destruction on his own creation and the story behind it, could possibly not be true.  That arrogance will not benefit you but only blind you to reality.

A Privilege, Not a Right

The Tweet

     The timing was impeccable.  Just as the US rolled out its controversial ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries in early 2017, so did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau roll out a tweet that set in motion a series of unfortunate events.  So what did Trudeau say exactly?  I believe “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians welcome you, regardless of your faith.  Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada” were his exact words.  This came from the same Prime Minister that spent $678 million dollars (CAD) in November 2015, right after he was elected, to fund the ‘refugee resettlement program’.  Under this program, the end game was to bring in 25,000 refugees from war-torn areas in the Middle East, mainly Syria, by the end of 2015.  Let me get my calculator here…plus one, minus the fraction, carry the 3…ok so he wanted to get this accomplished in 60 days. Trudeau was so self-righteous he ignored the fact that any foreign national entering Canada, especially those with intent to live here permanently, must be vetted criminally and medically at the very least.  Foreign record-keeping from war-torn countries is less than impeccable so weeding out the criminals and knowing exactly how medically ill someone is would be difficult and time consuming to say the least. In the end, Trudeau finished the job after pushing back the date by two months and the far-left patted him on the back.  The rest of us wondered what was coming next.

The Aftermath

     Following the tweet and to this day, refugee claims in Canada have grown exponentially.  The only problem with it is the manner in which some of these claims are made and how the Canadian government is responding to them.  If you live in Europe, Asia or Africa and wish to migrate to Canada, it isn’t always as easy as hopping on a plane and saying “here I am!”  Had you submitted an application with Immigration and Citizenship Canada and were not issued a Visa (if required); the airlines will not let you on the plane.  They do not want to face the monetary penalties imposed for transporting an ill-documented traveler into Canada.  So how do people get around this?  They lie on their Visa application.  Or they claim to be travelling as a visitor and the moment they step off the plane claim refugee status.  One example of Canada facilitating this particular method is when the Trudeau government lifted a restriction on Romanian travelers requiring a visa to enter Canada.  The visa requirement had been implemented by the previous conservative government to curb the asylum claims and non-bona-fide travel from that country.  Since that restriction was removed, guess what substantially increased?  The Trudeau Government did the same for Mexican nationals and asylum claims spiked 1,400% between 2016 and 2019 for that group.

Laws, Schmaws

     The most insidious way people get into Canada and make refugee claims and/or live illegally is by crossing the over 5,500 mile long, mostly unprotected border between Canada and the United States.  By crossing over, I mean it in its simplest form: walking.  The enormous stretches of land in between ports of entry are vast and incredibly porous.  The most notable aspect of it is that the people crossing are doing so from the United States of America.  The USA is arguably the most industrialized country in the world and is certainly considered a “first world” country.  The Canadian government has recognized that by signing the Safe Third Country Agreement with the USA in 2002.  Under this agreement, individuals must make their refugee claim in the first country they arrive in, be it Canada or the USA.  If a refugee claimant in the US presented themselves at a designated port of entry at the Canadian border and tried to claim this status in Canada, they would be sent back to the USA.  If this same scenario occurred in between a port of entry, the individual has the welcome mat rolled out for them.  This even applies to foreign nationals crossing illegally into Canada from the USA with absolutely no status in the USA.  By the way, it is an offense under the Customs Act to enter Canada outside of a designated port of entry.  So to be clear, you are in country A illegally then you decide to enter country B illegally and country B says “hey, no problem!” instead of sending you back to country A. This not only contradicts the Safe Third Country Agreement, it undermines Federal Law Enforcement and worse of all, the Canadian taxpayer.  Why have laws if you will refuse to enforce them in the end? 

Do It The Right Way

     The statement “Diversity is our strength” is common and for the most part, is true.  There is nothing wrong with immigration, but only when the rules and laws are followed and enforced.  If you have chosen a new country to start a life for you and your family, why begin that journey by disrespecting the laws they have established?  Why be blatant about it and bring an implied sense of entitlement when you arrive here by nefarious means?  It may take longer and cost more money, but if you truly want to be part of the fabric of Canada then do it like almost everyone else.  Follow the rules: fill out the paperwork, pay your money and wait. 

Show Your Best Self

People are people and when they see a loophole (even if illegal) they may consider going that route.  When they see that a government is aware of the loophole and doing nothing to stop it or they can commit the act without reprisal that seals the deal.  The Trudeau Government has done nothing to stop the flow of people migrating to Canada illegally and continues to waste our law enforcement resources by placing them in migrant hotspots (Lacolle, Quebec, for example) to act as phony bellhops, helping those committing a crime continue to do so.  Once the people, fleeing persecution from the United States of America arrive here, they are given a warm bed, medical care, food and a date to have a hearing about their refugee claim.  Until that date, how many have disappeared into their own communities in large cities?  We don’t know.  Why are they not being sent back to the United States?  We don’t know.  Why is the Canadian Government spending taxpayer dollars on such insanity?  Because Justin Trudeau is at the helm and his only solution to political problems is to throw money at it.  Much the same way he was disciplined as a child.

Immigrating to Canada (or the USA for that matter) is a privilege, not a right.  These countries do not owe you a better life and if you are lucky enough to live here then just follow the rules.  Show your best self. Obey the law.  You can start doing that by entering the country legally.

7 Steps to Get Away with Murder

* This blog is for entertainment purposes only.  I do not endorse or condone murder of any kind.  Do not try this at home! *
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     Some people think murder is the solution to their problems.  It could be rage, jealousy, passion, money, ego, gang related or even fun – but most likely a combination of reasons.  According to a 2018 FBI report, approximately 39% of cases classified as homicide in the United States went unsolved in 2017.  The FBI defined a case as ‘solved’ when there was an arrest and charge laid against an alleged murderer as well as deceased perpetrators and those who cannot be extradited.  Thirty-nine percent is a figure I did not anticipate when researching this blog.  I wonder if I even need to give any advice on how to get away with murder – people already seem to be so good at it.  Then again, the FBI did not release any stats on how many ‘unsolved’ cases had prime suspects and mounting evidence.  The purpose of the 7 steps I will share today is meant to avoid any detection whatsoever.

1 Give Up Your Morals And Values

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     Just about every modern society frowns upon murder.  Unless you grew up in an extremist environment, it is likely the act of murder is something you know is wrong.  The penalties are exceptionally high if you get caught and that reflects how such behavior is viewed.  One thing you will have to do to get away with murder is give up your morals and values.  You may have tried to convince yourself that you just don’t care or that it is the right thing to do but deep down you know it is wrong.  You have to free yourself from that way of thinking and revert back to your animal instincts.  Animals kill each other all the time without a care in the world.  Surely one of the last things you want to experience after committing a murder is feeling guilty about it.

2 Don’t Kill Anyone You Know

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     If everyone followed this rule, the murder rate would all but disappear.  Homicide detectives investigate possible suspects from the inside out – starting with relatives, friends and business associates – and almost all murders are carried out by someone in one of those categories.  This rule will unfortunately eliminate just about any benefit you would otherwise gain from the murder, unless you are doing it for the experience.  Only a truly dedicated murderer will observe this practice.

3 Don’t Shit Where You Eat

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     This one is part and parcel to rule number two.  Don’t commit murder near your place of residence.  If homicide detectives rule out anyone who knows the victim or simply have no leads, they will expand their investigation to people who live in the area.  It may be more convenient for you to only have a 5 minute walk home after all your hard work, but you will inevitably bring a lot of heat down in your own backyard.  Think of it like parking your car at the far end of the mall parking lot.  It’s a pain in the ass, but you get a little exercise out of it.

4 Keep It Clean

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     Newsflash: It’s not 1922 anymore.  With the advancement of technology, so goes the advancement of forensic investigations.  With everyone and their mother paying to give their genetic code to DNA banks, you can’t afford to leave any of yours behind at the scene.  This will reduce how many options you will have at your disposal to snuff out a life.  Instead of bashing brains out with a hammer, slicing a throat or shooting someone, try using a cord made of non-fibrous, non-porous material like plastic or vinyl and have a good old fashioned strangling.  Make sure you wear some fairly heavy gloves but don’t overdo it or you will lose some dexterity.  Wearing a hair net is ideal, however shaving all you body hair with a Gillette razor is the safest route to go.  Tip to the wise – always strangle from behind but be aware of flailing hands with fingernails that can capture even the smallest of DNA samples.  Wear a robust protective covering on your head such as a hockey mask or football helmet.  A motorcycle helmet with a face shield is preferred as it will also help keep your identity private.

5 Practice Makes Perfect

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     How is it that serial killers get away with so many murders before they get caught?  They practiced their craft before going out in the field.  Animals are the perfect crash test dummies for murder.  It is also an easy way to get rid of an annoying neighborhood dog or your lazy cat that yawns when you try to play with it.  Jeffrey Dahmer knew this and so did Ted Bundy.  Spend more time alone in a forest and practice on whatever mammal you can find.  You will know you are ready when you can sneak up on a deer and do the deed.  Please note that this does not mean you must become a serial killer.  See rule number six.

6 One Will Suffice

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The more often you commit murder, the greater your odds of getting caught.  Multiple murderers become complacent, get sloppy and end up getting caught for stupid reasons.  Case and point John Muhammad and Lee Malvo, the DC Snipers who arbitrarily shot people from the trunk of their car.  They did so without impunity for several months and in different states.  How did they get caught?  They left a note for police at a crime scene telling them to investigate another crime at a certain location.  When the cops arrived there they found a magazine with Lee’s fingerprint on it.  The rest is history.  The bottom line here is to commit one murder and get away with it.  Scratch it off your bucket list then move on.

7 Keep Your Mouth Shut

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     This one should be obvious but for some people the urge to brag about what they have done far outweighs any possible consequence.  I can never get enough of the stories I read about burglars, robbers and other criminals posting braggadocio posts on their Facebook account only to get busted a few hours later.  Morons.  Never confide in anyone as they will do the same.  Eventually word will get around and when the police start knocking, your secrets are on CNN.  Suffer the loneliness of only you knowing what you have done.

Editor’s Note

There are only two types of people reading this.  Those who thought it may be funny and entertaining and those who are sincerely searching about how to get away with murder.  If you fall into the latter category, I suggest you seek professional psychiatric help or better yet, contact your local authorities and inform them of your nasty intentions.  Regardless of the FBI report, you will most likely get caught if you try to do it, so don’t bother.  Besides, even though you are a terrible person, you probably have someone or something to live for.

San Diego’s Worst Father- 2019

Growing up, my father did not spend a lot of time with me. He lived to work and worked to live, all at the expense of nurturing his own children. He also had an uncanny ability to drive my mother almost literally crazy. The word happy is an understatement about what I felt when they finally called their marriage quits when I was 24. “What the hell took them so long?” I wondered. Regardless of my own daddy issues, they would pale in comparison to the children of the father I’ll discuss today. Sadly, I am the only one alive to experience them.

Imperial Beach Pier, San Diego County, California Photo: Daniel Nelson

I have had the pleasure of visiting San Diego several times in my life. In fact, the picture above this blog was taken by me. With perfect weather in the dead of winter, friendly people and so many attractions, I have always enjoyed my time there. The name Paradise Hills kind of sums up my opinion of the sunny city. It also kind of implies that nothing nefarious would ever happen there. After all, it has the word paradise in its name, right? But I won’t insult your intelligence or call you naive. Instead I will share the disgusting and incredibly tragic story about Jose Valdivia and his family.

Jose Valdivia, 31

Sometimes impending divorce triggers violence. That was the case for Sabrina Rosario, 29 who at some point in June 2019, filed for divorce from her husband, Jose Valdivia. They both lived in Paradise Hills, San Diego, albeit separately at the time. All reports indicate he had been pretty consistent with his efforts to harass and intimidate her in the months leading up to his crime. A control freak, Valdivia could not accept that his estranged wife was back on the market and his possessiveness got the better of him. He sent a picture of a handgun to Rosario through messaging, told her he would never leave her alone and in response to a restraining order placed against him he said “……is not going to do nothing”. If his double negative was right, maybe the outcome would have been different. The irony about his need to dominate Rosario is that a family member publicly claimed the breakdown of their marriage was due to Valdivia’s multiple infidelities. Talk about calling the kettle black.

No one had a chance

As a father of a young child, I wonder how their children must have been feeling during all of this. Aged 3, 5, 9 and 11, I’m certain it would have been difficult. Within 24 hours of the restraining order being signed, on November 16, 2019 Valdivia entered his estranged wife’s home and fatally shot her and three of their children. The fourth child was also shot but did not die right away. Instead he remained on life support until the family decided to pull the plug a week later. After shooting his family, Valdivia shot and killed himself.

And the award goes to…….

The silver lining in this tragedy is that Valdivia is dead and so by his own hand. Although to his detriment, he can no longer live the experience of being declared San Diego’s Worst Father of 2019.