Conversion Therapy Dilemma

     It amazes me how seemingly far overboard today’s modern/millennial thinking is.  For those of us not even forty yet, you would think some could have a better understanding of how society is trying to progress.  I suppose to a degree, I am not one of those people.  In this instance, I think regression mayContinue reading “Conversion Therapy Dilemma”

Terrorism Pays

Imagine yourself as someone completely different from societal norms.  Someone filled with a hate that compels you to murder.  Imagine taking another person’s life because they do not believe what you believe or if you had a difference of opinion on a certain subject.  Imagine feeling good about yourself for perpetuating a culture of fear,Continue reading “Terrorism Pays”

A Privilege, Not a Right

The Tweet      The timing was impeccable.  Just as the US rolled out its controversial ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries in early 2017, so did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau roll out a tweet that set in motion a series of unfortunate events.  So what did Trudeau say exactly?  I believe “To thoseContinue reading “A Privilege, Not a Right”