Conversion Therapy Dilemma

     It amazes me how seemingly far overboard today’s modern/millennial thinking is.  For those of us not even forty yet, you would think some could have a better understanding of how society is trying to progress.  I suppose to a degree, I am not one of those people.  In this instance, I think regression mayContinue reading “Conversion Therapy Dilemma”

Terrorism Pays

Imagine yourself as someone completely different from societal norms.  Someone filled with a hate that compels you to murder.  Imagine taking another person’s life because they do not believe what you believe or if you had a difference of opinion on a certain subject.  Imagine feeling good about yourself for perpetuating a culture of fear,Continue reading “Terrorism Pays”

People in the Workforce: The KIA

For those of us in the workforce, we can certainly all agree that we have worked with some real ‘pieces of work’.  Other words that come to mind are assholes, know-it-alls, blabbermouths, drama queens (or kings), liars, phonies, awkward, smelly….well you get the picture.  If you work in a small office and the flow ofContinue reading “People in the Workforce: The KIA”

Blind To Reality

A Deep Conversation I was chatting with a friend of mine who is religious.  Not religious in the orthodox, hard-line type of way but believed there is a God that created the world, praying to God to achieve a specific outcome actually works and that there is a heaven and hell in the afterlife.  SheContinue reading “Blind To Reality”

A Privilege, Not a Right

The Tweet      The timing was impeccable.  Just as the US rolled out its controversial ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries in early 2017, so did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau roll out a tweet that set in motion a series of unfortunate events.  So what did Trudeau say exactly?  I believe “To thoseContinue reading “A Privilege, Not a Right”